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Choosing the Proper Knee Brace - Start with Your Physician

Choosing the right knee brace

At Superior Braces, we receive a large amount of questions on the topic of choosing the correct knee brace or knee support for the corresponding knee injury. In this week's article, I will discuss the difference between knee supports, knee braces, and hinged knee braces. I will also describe some (not all) common knee injuries and what braces typically help with those injuries.

Before I go any further, I feel it is extremely important to mention your physician. Your physician knows your injury type and the grade (severity) of your particular injury. IT IS VITAL THAT YOU SEEK THE ADVICE OF YOUR PHYSICIAN REGARDING PROPER TREATMENT OF YOUR INJURY PRIOR TO BEGINNING ANY TREATMENT PROGRAM, METHOD, OR USE OF ANY MEDICAL DEVICE.

Knee Braces 101: What kind of Knee Brace Do I Need?

There are hundreds of knee support and knee brace types; especially when you start to look into custom made orthotics. The type of knee supports and braces I will be discussing are considered "Off the Shelf" (OTS) or ready to wear. These are the types of braces that sell retail here on and you can sometimes find in your local pharmacy or big box store. We'll start with simple knee supports, move on to standard knee braces, and finish up with hinged knee braces.

Knee Supports: Light Knee Injuries and Preventative Use

Knee supports provide compression for mild knee injuries and can also be used as preventative compression for existing knee injuries in remission. These knee supports are highly effective when used for mild knee ligament and joint pain, mild knee sprains, mild knee ligament strain, and mild osteoarthritis. Knee supports are also commonly used in sports for injury prevention.

Types of Supports: All Knee Supports, Airprene Knee Sleeve, Sport Knee Sleeve, Visco-Gel Silicone Knee Support, Elastic Slip-On Knee Support (Closed Patella), Elastic Slip-On Knee Support (Closed Patella)

Knee Braces: Mild to Moderate Knee Injuries

Knee braces provide better support and compression than knee supports and are made for mild to moderate knee injuries. These injuries consist of mild to moderate knee sprains, strains, and ligament damage.

Types of Supports: All Knee Braces,  Deluxe Airprene Knee Brace, Sport Lite® Knee Brace, Universal Wrap-Around Knee Brace

Hinged Knee Braces: Hospital rade knee Braces for more Severe Knee Injuries

Hinged knee braces are extremely rigid, reinforced knee braces that utilize hinges to restrict Range of Motion (R.O.M.) and prevent further knee injury while aiding the knee in the healing process. Superior Braces sells Advanced Orthopaedics hinged knee braces for two main reasons, they consist of the highest quality of construction and materials without sacrificing overall patient comfort. Common injuries where hinged knee braces are used include ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL knee injuries as well as knee ligament tears, knee sprains and knee strains.

Types of Hinged Knee Braces:All Hinged Knee Braces, Airprene Hinged Knee Brace, Cobra Knee Brace (ACL Knee Brace), Deluxe Hinged Knee Brace, FM Hinged Knee Brace, Min-Knee Hinged Knee Brace, TW Wrap-Around Hinged Knee Brace, Universal Hinged Range of Motion (R.O.M.) Knee Brace, Wrap-Around Hinged Knee Brace

If you have any further questions about the knee supports, knee braces, or hinged knee braces we provide please email us at

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