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Compression Socks & Stockings - Best Uses

Compression socks and stockings have gained major popularity over the last 20 years for a variety of reasons. Although some of the buzz comes from old wives tales and are the thing of legend; most of the rise in popularity stems from the many studied and documented benefits compression therapy provides.

Today we're going to let you in on a couple of those benefits and explain which compression products might be best for you.

Occupational Compression Needs

One of the most popular reasons people give for preferring compression socks and stockings over their basic knit counterparts is occupational. We see a large amount of people purchasing compression socks who, while on the job, spend the majority of their day on their feet . Surgeons, nurses, teachers, sales people, retail employees, construction workers, hair dressers, and postal employees all spend a lot of time standing while at work. Compression socks and stockings can help alleviate major foot pain through increased blood flow thus reducing pain, discomfort, and swelling. 

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Running Compression Socks

In just the past couple of years, compression socks for runners has become it's own section of the compression industry as a whole. While some runners tout better race times and enhanced stamina, most beneficial results come in the form of faster healing periods and reduced pain. Several studies have shown that using the proper weight of compression, as directed by a physician, can lead to increased muscle efficiency, increased blood flow which ultimately leads to decreased muscular swelling.

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Medical Uses

Compression socks and stockings have long been used for existing medical conditions, and more importantly, preventative healthcare.

Varicose vein sufferers have often used compression socks to alleviate pain and continued vein damage. Varicose veins are caused by the pooling of blood in your veins when the valves on those veins that aid in returning blood to the heart fail. Varicose vein compression socks keep blood from pooling and promote better circulation.

Deep leg thrombosis is a very serious condition that hospitals and healthcare professionals are constantly monitoring in bed-ridden patients. Anti-embolism compression stockings, which prevent blood clotting and pooling by increasing blood flow, are common tools used by health industry professionals. 

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