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Superior Braces® Holiday Breakdown for Runners

With the holidays just around the corner, 5k and charity run season is in full swing. The holidays can seem like a marathon on their own so we have a huge amount of respect for those willing to add a real marathon to their holiday activities. For those of you taking part in these events, we wish you happy races and good times. 

Unfortunately, all too often, these events can result in injuries ruining the rest of the holiday season and making winter mobility problematic. As if ice and snow weren't bad enough, a knee injury can make getting around much worse. Imagine going house to house, eating all of that food, and then trying to make it home on your own two feet. We feel for you!

Lucky for you we have a large selection of knee braces specifically for running injuries. We also carry several runner's compression products to help prevent injury.

Check out our knee braces and knee supports page here and all of our compression product for runners here.

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season!

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