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Low Top Air Walker Fracture Boot - Red Ball Version

Manufacturer: Superior Braces - Model: 330-LAZ-R
$37.99 $57.99
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  • The most affordable Air Walker boot.

  • Slotted polymer uprights that hold hook and loop straps in place.

  • Skid resistant rocker sole.

  • Accommodates swelling that occur throughout the rehabilitation process.

  • Lightweight, low profile construction provides stability.

  • Wide foot bed for increased stability.

  • Pneumatic liner easily adjusted to achieve compression.

  • Ankle and leg protection.

  • ​Decrease pain symptoms.

  • ​Improve healing time.

  • Immobilization of fractures.

  • Improve ambulation during post-op and post-surgery.

HOW TO APPLY: Remove the liner from the brace. The air bladder is inside the liner. DO NOT inflate the bladder at this time. Wrap the liner around the patient's leg and foot. Ensure the heel fits snugly into the portion first followed by the calf portion. The wrap should fit snug, but not too tight. Note -it may be necessary to adjust the fit of the wrap if swelling or edema decreases during the healing process. Attach one end of the straps onto outside of the struts. In a seated position spread the side uprights of the brace and have the patient step into the boot. The foot should be positioned flat with the heel in back of the boot. Affix the uprights to the liner. The uprights should be positioned parallel to the leg. Close the straps starting at the toes and working up the leg. Adjust the straps if necessary. 

The air bladder can now be inflated to provide a customized fit. To inflate, use the hand bulb by attaching to the valve/tubing in the front of the liner. Squeeze the hand bulb repeatedly to inflate. Inflate until the support feels stable with gentle cushioning but not too tight. IMPORTANT- DO NOT OVER INFLATE. Only inflated to a comfortable level. Instruct the patient to check circulation to ensure not too tight. Air may be released from the bladder if needed. To release air, insert the bulb in engage the valve and squeeze the liner to deflate. If slight air loss is experienced with extended wear, simply re-inflate following instructions.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth. DO NOT submerge the liner in water - this could affect the functioning of the air bladder. Air dry away from heat. Do not machine wash or dry. Do not bleach. Spot clean the brace with a damp cloth if needed.


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  • Looking to purchase 2 boots. One for right foot and one for left foot. Is your WKK110-11MD made for either foot or do I need a different one.

    Hi Jerry,

    All of our boots can be used for the left or right foot. 


    Superior Braces

  • is this boot good for achillies tear

    If you need to wear a brace throughout the day, then yes. If you need something for the night, I would recommend a PFS: 

  • Hello, Do you have any boots that are lighter than the one I just received? If so can u let me know which model it is.


    Our Aero Walker Low Top CAM Walker is a lighter CAM walker and is a more breathable ankle compression device.   Thank you!   Customer Service